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How do you become a Magician?
It is like all professions, you must study. Do your homework and practice, practice, practice!

Did you start doing magic at a young age?
I did get magic kits for my birthday's but I really got into magic when I opened my first tavern and I wanted to entertain guests in a unique way.

Can you tell me how you did that trick?
This is the first and most important thing a magician must learn, NEVER EVER TELL THE SECRETS OF A TRICK!!!!! It is like a big company giving away all their trade secrets. So SShhhh!

What do you like most about Magic?
Doing shows and having people enjoy the entertainment. A lot of people do not realize magic is not just doing tricks. There is all the practice, working with the people who come up to assist, the reactions of people, and the ability to have fun with what you do. That's what I like most about magic!

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